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In this second part, you will see the rest of the 25 destinations with beautiful beaches. You will discover other beaches around the world just waiting to welcome you, always with general information, advice and my own photos.


Number 13   Jamaica

Jamaica is an island in the Caribbean. Known to be the birthplace of reggae music, it also has a multitude of natural assets such as its mountains, forests and of course its superb sandy beaches bordered by lush vegetation or reefs. Many of the resorts are in the northwest of the island at Montego Bay and Negril, but other smaller areas are just as worth exploring, especially for their beaches.

The beaches of Montego Bay are an ideal setting for enjoying calm, clear water and practicing all kinds of sporting activities. Among the best known beaches around Montego bay, we can mention the one of Doctor’s Cave which is chargeable, but very well maintained and supervised. Around Negril, do not miss the splendid Seven Mile Beach, which is 7 miles long as its name suggests, and has many bars, souvenir huts and hotels. I also recommend the beaches around Port Antonio in the east of the island and in particular the breathtaking Frenchman’s Cave, as well as the natural beach of Winnifred.

In addition to its great beaches, Jamaica has other great natural attractions like its mountains and its beautiful waterfalls, which sometimes even flow down to the beach like the one of Dunn River Falls near Ocho Rios. Jamaica is particularly pleasant to discover between November and April when the weather is less humid and less hot.

Among the destinations with beautiful beaches: those of Montego Bay in Jamaica

Montego Bay beach

One of the destinations with beautiful beaches: Jamaica and Frenchman's Cave

Frenchman’s Cave beach

A country with splendid beaches: Jamaica, 7 miles beach

7 miles beach

Number 14   British overseas territories

The British West Indies are the colonial territories of the Caribbean Sea which were formerly under the domination of the United Kingdom and in which the English language is still the main language as in Jamaica, the Bahamas, or Barbados. Some of these territories are still today British overseas territories and depend on the United Kingdom. In the Caribbean, these are Anguilla Island, the Cayman Islands, Montserrat Island, the British Virgin Islands and the Turks and Caicos Islands. All of these islands are heavenly with sandy beaches and crystal clear water.

As for me, I can advise you in particular the island of Anguilla which is one of the islands in the world which has impressed me the most. In addition to having a relaxing atmosphere on the whole island, it has many beautiful beaches such as those of Long bay, Maundays bay, shoal bay or Sandy island. The best time to visit these islands is between December and April.

Among the destinations with beautiful beaches, discover Anguilla and Maundays Bay

Maundays bay

One of the destinations with beautiful beaches: Anguilla and Sandy island

Sandy island

 The beautiful island of Anguilla and its Long bay beach

Long bay

Number 15   Cyprus

The island of Cyprus is located in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. It is occupied by the Republic of Cyprus in its southern part and it is under Turkish domination in its northern part. Cyprus is a superb seaside destination where the sun shines 320 days a year, with a rich cultural heritage and tasty gastronomy.

The island has magnificent beaches, large and small, some open to the sea and others sheltered, festive or quieter, and even atypical, steeped in history. The climatic conditions in Cyprus are also ideal for swimming, the water temperature never drops below 20 ° C between May and October. To name just a few beaches that demonstrate the wide range of possibilities with the beaches of Cyprus, let’s mention Nissi Beach, a beach located in the seaside resort of Ayia Napa, lined with bars and renowned for its festive atmosphere day and night.

On the other hand, you can also discover the preserved Lara Bay, difficult to access but where you may be able to meet turtles. Finally for a splendid and mythical beach, I recommend the Aphrodite beach and its Petra Tou Romiou, also known as the Aphrodite rock. The myth tells that it is here that the goddess of love would have emerged from the foam and started her life as a human. The period to enjoy Cyprus is wide, it extends from April to November. If you are looking for a festive atmosphere, choose summer, if not, the other seasons to be more peaceful.

Among the destinations with beautiful beaches, discover Cyprus and Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa

One of the destinations with beautiful beaches: Cyprus and its Aphrodite rock

Rock of Aphrodite

A country with splendid beaches: Cyprus and Lara beach

Lara beach

Number 16    Mexico and the Riviera Maya

Located between the United States and Central America, Mexico is a country renowned for its history, its varied landscapes (mountains, deserts, jungles…) and for its beaches in the Pacific and the Gulf of Mexico. I will tell you about the ones on the Yucatán peninsula because I have not yet visited the ones on the Acapulco side. After visiting the incredible archaeological sites of Yucatán such as Chichén Itzà or Tulum for example, you will surely want to refresh yourself and relax on one of its beautiful beaches.

The Riviera Maya, located on the Yucatán peninsula, is clearly one of the destinations with beautiful beaches not to be missed. On its coastline of several hundred kilometers, you will find very popular beaches like the one of Playa del Carmen with its immaculate white sand, its crystal clear waters and its immense coral reef, or like the one of Playa Ruinas, bordered by coconut palms and located in the foot of Tulum. For those who prefer more tranquility, you can also find wilder or quieter beaches like the one of El Cielo on the island of Cozumel, or the one of Mahahual. The best time to go to Mexico is between November and April, the weather is drier and the temperature is milder. I made this trip a long time ago so my photos may not reaveal fully the beauty of these beaches 😅.

A country with amazing beaches: Mexico and the Mayan Riviera

Coastline of the Yucatán Peninsula

Among the destinations with beautiful beaches, discover Mexico and the Mayan Riviera

Playa Ruinas at the foot of Tulum

The splendid beaches of the Mayan Riviera in Mexico

Riviera Maya beaches

Number 17   Italy and Sardinia

Italy is a beautiful country in southern Europe, with a rich history and culture, which covers around 7,500 km of coastline on the Mediterranean and Adriatic seas. This country therefore has many beaches and coves on its coasts, such as on the magnificent Amalfi Coast with its steep cliffs and colorful fishing villages, or on the Ligurian Riviera with the splendid villages of Cinque Terre. Italy also has beaches in the very interior of the country, such as on the shores of the great northern lakes.

A country with splendid beaches: Italy and the coast of Cinque Terre

The Cinque Terre coast

For destinations with beautiful beaches, discover Italy and its northern lakes

Beach off the great northern lakes

The beautiful beaches of the Amalfi Coast in Italy

The Amalfi Coast

Sardinia is a large island which is also part of Italy. It has almost 2,000 km of coastline and many breathtaking sandy beaches. It will be difficult for you to choose from the large choice of beautiful beaches, between those more family friendly with calm and shallow waters, those with waves for nautical activities such as surfing, those with bars for entertainment or the small discreet coves for lovers. To name a few, I recommend in particular the beach of Principe on the Costa Smeralda, with its crystal clear waters, those of Chia with its large dunes or the beach of Sottotorre in Calasetta on the island of Sant’Antioco. Regarding the best time to enjoy its beaches, Italy has the most pleasant conditions between May and September.

The breathtaking beaches of Sardinia

The coast of Sardinia

For destinations with beautiful beaches, discover Sardinia

Sottotorre beach

Among the destinations with beautiful beaches: Sardinia

Sunset in Sardinia

Number 18   Indonesia

Indonesia is a country in Southeast Asia made up of thousands of volcanic islands. This country is known for its ancestral culture, its magnificent historical places, but also for its natural assets such as its beaches, its volcanoes, and its jungles which shelter among others orangutans, tigers and elephants. It would be impossible to list all the beaches in Indonesia, but we can mention in particular a few well-known ones such as those of the Gili Islands: Air, Meno and Trawangan, which are three small island off Lombok. I advise you to spend a night on Gili Meno which is a little quieter, to take the time to really appreciate the atmosphere.

The beaches of Bali are also very popular like those of Jimbaran with its white sand and palm trees, the beach of Padang Padang with its cliffs and lush vegetation, or the one of Tanah Lot with its famous Hindu temple. On the main island of Java, you can also have a good day in the “1000 islands archipelago” (also called Kepulauan Seribu) which are located 45 km north of Jakarta.

Finally, 2 other islands that I want to visit one day, the island of Komodo where live its extraordinary animals that are the dragons of Komodo, and the island of Menjangan (or the island with deer) which is a protected area, with one of the most beautiful dive sites and where you can meet many deer. It is best to visit Indonesia during the middle of the dry season which lasts from May to October, but recheck in more detail depending on the island you choose.

Among the destinations with beautiful beaches: Indonesia

Beach near Jakarta

For destinations with beautiful beaches, discover Indonesia and Bali

Tanah Lot

The splendid beaches of Indonesia, Gili islands

 Gili islands

Number 19   Spain and the Balearics, the Canaries

Spain is a country in southern Europe, located on the Iberian Peninsula. Including more than 5,000 km of coastline with its long coasts and beautiful islands, you will have no trouble finding beaches that suit you in this country. These are of all types, large well-equipped beaches of several kilometers long, or small quiet beaches and more discreet coves. In Spain, there are some coasts particularly famous for their beaches and their festive atmosphere, such as the Costa Brava which is the Catalan coast located to the northeast, the Costa Blanca, 240 km long in the province of Alicante, and the Costa del Sol to the south in Andalusia.

Spain also has archipelagos of well-known islands that have delighted European vacationers for decades: the Canaries and the Balearics. The Canaries are a Spanish archipelago located off the northwest coast of Africa. These rugged, volcanic islands have beautiful black and white sand beaches. As for the Balearic Islands of Mallorca, Ibiza and Menorca, they are located off the east coast of Spain and have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The ideal season to enjoy the beaches of the Iberian Peninsula is between May and September, and even October for the more southerly.

The splendid beaches of Spain, like in Ibiza in the Balearic Islands

Ibiza in the Balearic Islands

One of the destinations with beautiful beaches: Fuerteventura in the Canaries

Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands

Among the destinations with beautiful beaches: Spain and its incredible coastline

Cadiz beach in Spain

Number 20   Cuba

Cuba is an island located in the Caribbean. In addition to its tobacco fields for the production of legendary cigars, its old American cars, the Spanish-colonial architecture and the festive atmosphere of its capital, Havana, Cuba has spectacular beaches. The island indeed has all around a very large number of beaches worthy of postcard landscapes.

It’s difficult to make a complete list of them, but one can cite, among others in the west of the island and Havana, the beach of Maria la Gorda, which is also a good diving spot. To the north, you should also find happiness with the beaches of the seaside resort of Varadero, whose 20 km long coastline is very lively with its hotels and restaurants. In the center of Cuba, on the north coast, do not miss the paradisiacal beaches of the Cayo Coco or Cayo Guillermo islands, including “Playa Pilar” which is regularly presented as the most beautiful beach in Cuba. Finally, the south coast is not to be outdone with the magnificent beaches of the Isle of Youth or those near Trinidad such as Playa Ancon. To make the most of this island, visit it rather between December and April.

Among the destinations with beautifulbeaches: Cuba and Cayo Coco

Cayo Coco

One of the destinations with beautiful beaches: Cuba

Varadero beach

A splendid wild beach found by chance in Cuba

Wild beach found by chance in Cuba

Number 21   Malta

Malta is an archipelago located in the center of the Mediterranean, between Sicily and North Africa. This small country has a rich cultural heritage, mixing western and eastern culture through its history involving many conquerors: Romans, Moors, Knights of the Order of Saint John, French and British.

Due to its privileged geographical location, Malta has a perfect Mediterranean climate to enjoy its beaches for a good part of the year. Perhaps the most emblematic beach in the archipelago is Blue Lagoon on the island of Camino. You will not be able to remain indifferent to this huge natural swimming pool and its crystal clear water. I advise you to go there quite early in the morning if you want to enjoy it with a little more calm. Among the most beautiful beaches of Malta, also discover the raw beaches of Ghajn Tuffieha bay and “Golden Bay” with their reddish sand and high chiseled cliffs. Finally, in Malta, you will also find many small coves or small calm beaches like that of Mgarr Ix Xini or St. Peter’s pool .

For other great tourist spots in Malta, take a look at the page What to See in Malta, and for the best time to go to Malta, check out the page When to Visit Malta.

One of the destinations with beautiful beaches: Malta and Ghajn Tuffieha bay

Ghajn Tuffieha Bay

Among the destinations with beautiful beaches: The blue lagoon on the island of Comino

Blue lagoon on Comino Island

Saint Peter's swimming pool in Malta

Saint Peter’s pool

Number 22   The beaches of northern Europe

Destinations less heavenly than the previous ones at first glance, the beaches of northern Europe which overlooks the North Sea or the Baltic Sea are however also superb natural places very pleasant in summer. It is true that you may not dive in the water of the North Sea as quickly as in the Caribbean 😅, but you will be able to spend some excellent moments in these seaside resorts for sure.

I recommend for example the island of Sylt, which is the largest of the German islands in the north of the country, and which has spectacular landscapes. In addition, the island has very good tourist infrastructure, such as these “Strandkörb”, a kind of wicker armchair-cabins that give a special cachet to the beaches of Sylt.

In the Netherlands, I strongly advise you to discover the Frisian Islands and the one of Texel for example, with its huge sandy beaches. These islands are located not far from the Wadden Sea, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is considered to be the world’s largest unbroken system of tidal mud flats and sandbanks.

Finally, one last pleasant experience that I would like to share with you regarding the beaches of northern Europe: the seaside resorts of northern Poland on the Baltic Sea. You will find there very beautiful beaches, with festive or family atmospheres as for example in Świnoujście, Międzyzdroje or Sopot, not far from the more famous city of Gdansk.

Sopot Beach in Poland on the Baltic Sea

Sopot Beach in Poland

Among the destinations with beautiful beaches: the island of Sylt in Germany

Sylt Island in Germany

One of the destinations with beautiful beaches: the Frissonne Islands and Texel

The Frissonne Islands and Texel in the Netherlands

Number 23   South Africa

South Africa is a country which, as its name suggests, is at the southern tip of the African continent. This country offers many amazing natural landscapes such as these of the national parks like the one of Kruger, known for its superb safaris, but also imposing mountains like “Table Mountain”, splendid canyons like the one of the Blyde river, as well as very beautiful beaches.

South Africa is indeed surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the Indian Ocean to the east. You will therefore find immaculate or on the contrary very lively beaches along the 3000 km of coastline of the country. Although the water temperature in the Atlantic Ocean is not very warm (13 to 18 °C), the Cape region offers many beaches to discover. I recommend in particular the protected beach of Boulders which hosts a large colony of penguins. To relax or enjoy the beach activities, discover the magnificent Camps bay and Clifton beaches, which are not far from Cape Town. For beaches with milder water temperatures, it will be necessary to approach those of the Indian Ocean. If you want to make the most of the beaches, it is best to come to South Africa between November and March.

One of the destinations with beautiful beaches: South Africa and Camp bay

Camp bay beach

Among the destinations with beautiful beaches: South Africa and Boulders Beach

The famous penguins of Boulders Beach

The beautiful beach of Clifton in South Africa in Cape Town

Clifton beach at Cap Town

Number 24   Black Sea beaches

The Black Sea is located between eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Anatolia. This sea is more exactly surrounded by Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia, Russia and Ukraine. From my experience, these beaches are well maintained and many of them are very lively like those of the city of Constanța in Romania for example. In general, you will find many seaside resorts in which to party, along the Romanian, Bulgarian and Ukrainian coasts. In the south of Ukraine, I advise you to visit in particular the city of Odessa which is famous among other things for its beaches and its atmosphere. The period from June to September is ideal for visiting around the Black Sea. To take advantage in particular of the festive atmosphere, the months of July and August will be preferred.

Among the destinations with beautiful beaches: those of the Black Sea including Constanta in Romania

Constanța Beach in Romania

One of the destinations with beautiful beaches: Constanța in Romania

Aerial view of Constanța

Odessa beach in Ukraine

Odessa beach in Ukraine

Number 25   The United States

The United States is the country that covers a large part of North America, between Canada to the north and Mexico to the south. The country is also surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the east, the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Gulf of Mexico to the southeast. This immense country includes many extraordinary natural sites like the Grand canyon, or the canyon of Bryce, fabulous national parks like the one of Arches, Zion, Yellowstone, Yosemite… The United States is also one of the destinations with beautiful beaches that must be discovered.

The United States has a coastline of almost 20,000 kilometers. For what I saw, I can advise you in particular the splendid beaches of Florida in the South East of the country, like the festive ones of Miami or Fort Lauderdale for example. Do not miss also the great beaches of California, around Los Angeles, like those of Long beach, Malibu, Venice Beach, or those further south around San Diego. Finally, the islands of Hawaii, an American state in the central Pacific, are an ideal place for beach lovers. Given the immense size of the country, regarding the best time to leave, I advise you to check according to the precise area you want to go.

Among the destinations with beautiful beaches: Miami in the United States

Miami beach

One of the destinations with beautiful beaches: The United States and Huntington beach in California

Huntington beach in California

The splendid beaches of Florida including Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale in Florida

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