Top 20 of the most amazing natural landscapes in Europe

Top 20 of the most amazing natural landscapes in Europe

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20 amazing natural landscapes to see in Europe

If you love nature, this page should interest you because you will discover my top 20 of the most amazing natural landscapes in Europe. In this list, you will find indeed different types of natural sites: mountains, lakes, forests, caves, waterfalls… including also a map to locate them, as well as general information on each of these places, with my own photos and advice .

Through this list, you will travel between the far west of Europe, from the mountains, volcanoes and waterfalls of Iceland, or the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland, to the far east of the European continent with the sand dunes of Parnidis in Lithuania for example. You will also discover between these two ends superb lakes like the one of Bled in Slovenia or those of the north of Italy. You will also see landscapes of vertiginous coasts, splendid European mountains, as well as stunning gorges, fjords and other wonders of nature.

Europe of course also has great beaches, but I prefered to make a webpage dedicated to this type of natural place that many of us love. Finally, do not take too much account the order of this top 20, the natural sites presented on this page are all magnificent, and it would be very subjective I think to make an accurate classification. Only one thing is certain, you will have a great time in each of these beautiful natural landscapes of Europe.


Top 20 of the natural sites to visit in Europe

Numéro 1  Landmannalaugar in Iceland

The Landmannalaugar is a large natural region located in central Iceland. I particularly like this place because it is not a single natural wonder to see, but an entire area with splendid landscapes of mountains, lakes, volcanoes, natural hot spring baths… This is for me one of the best places I have seen for those who like to hike. In addition, the fact that it is a truly preserved natural area with only one campsite and no shop is particularly pleasant. Finally, you can really enjoy nature, because you will generally be quite alone in its breathtaking landscapes.

Among the most amazing natural landscapes in Europe: volcanoes at Landmannalaugar in Iceland
One of the most amazing landscapes in Europe: the Landmannalaugar in Iceland
Hiking in the most beautiful landscapes in Europe, to Landmannalaugar in Iceland

Numéro 2   Plitviče and Krka national parks in Croatia

If you visit Croatia, do not miss to visit these 2 splendid national parks. You will spend excellent moments there, walking in a luxuriant nature and even bathing in its translucent waters. Plitviče National Park is a 295 km² forest reserve that includes 16 terraced lakes, connected by waterfalls. Krka National Park is located in northern Dalmatia, near the town of Sibénik. It is known for its series of 7 waterfalls, and its Skradin and Roški Slap falls.

Amazing natural landscape in Europe : Krka waterfall in Croatia
 Stunning path over Plivitche lake in Croatia
 Among the most amazing natural landscapes in Europe: Plivitche waterfalls

Numéro 3   The Verdon Gorge in France

The Gorges du Verdon are located in the south of France in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region. This canyon, dug by the Verdon river, is one of the largest in Europe. It is divided into three parts: the pre-gorges from the municipality of Castellane to Pont-de-soleil, the gorges from Pont-de-Soleils to the Imbut, and the canyon from the Imbut to the Pont du Galetas.

In addition to being a natural site with breathtaking landscapes, you can practice many sports activities in its whitewater such as rafting, canyoning, canoeing, or simply swim in the quieter areas. In addition to that, you can go hiking of course, but also rock climbing, bungee jumping, and fly fishing. Its fauna is also to be discovered like for example its numerous birds, in particular griffon vultures and monk vultures which nest in the cliffs. Finally, be sure to take the roads that go around the gorges to enjoy superb views. To have a closer look, use the many marked trails that will allow you to penetrate the heart of this protected nature.

The waterfalls of the Verdon gorges are amazing natural landscapes in Europe
 Superb turquoise waters of the Verdon gorges in France
 Boat in the lower Gorges du Verdon in France

Numéro 4   The Cliffs of Moher in Ireland

The Cliffs of Moher are located on the west coast of Ireland in County Clare. This essential natural site of the island, includes a set of cliffs 8 km long, eroded by the wind and the sea. You will no doubt be amazed by the beauty of the landscapes, but also you will feel very small and humble facing these rocky giants.
O’Brien Tower is the highest point of view of the Cliffs of Moher, allowing you to contemplate and photograph a splendid panorama of the Aran Islands and Galway Bay. Finally, be careful on the hiking trails, for yourself and for the rare and precious flora and fauna.

Amazing natural landscape in Europe: Cliff of Moher in Ireland
 Among the most amazing natural landscapes in Europe: the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland
 The Cliffs of Moher at sunset

Numéro 5   Lake Bled in Slovenia

Lake Bled is located in north-western Slovenia, 55 km from the capital: Ljubljana. It is one of the main tourist destinations in the country. It is a very beautiful natural place with clear water and lots of trees, and which also has many other sporting and cultural interests. You can go for walks or bike rides around the lake, as well as swim, paddle or row on the lake. Be reassured, it is also possible to simply relax on the banks of the lake and on its small beaches. Some interesting cultural visits are also to be made, like the visit of the castle which overhangs the lake and even a small island in the middle of the lake. This latter is accessible by boat or by swimming (for the more courageous) and you will be able to visit a museum and church there.

Beach around Lake Bled in Slovenia, among the most amazing natural landscapes in Europe
Island in the middle of Lake Bled in Slovenia
General view of Lake Bled in Slovenia

Numéro 6   The Pilat dune in France

You will find the Pilat dune at the entrance to the Arcachon basin on the south west coast of France, not far from the city of Bordeaux. With its height of 100 to 115 meters, its length of around 3 km and its 60 million m³ of sand, it is the highest dune in Europe. Famous for its exceptional dimensions, it also offers a natural environment of great beauty, bordered by the forest and the ocean.

The dune can be visited at any time of the year, it indeed offers shapes and colors varying according to the seasons. It is accessible for pedestrians and cyclists free of charge, and steps lead up to the top. At the top of this mountain of sand, you can admire a superb view on one side on an ocean of greenery and on the other on the Atlantic Ocean.

Dune du Pilat in France - one of the most amazing natural landscapes in Europe
Amazing natural landscape in Europe: the Pilat dune in France
 Among the most amazing natural landscapes in Europe: the Pilat dune in France

Numéro 7  Fjords in Norway

A little reminder of geography 🤓, a fjord is a very deep glacial valley, filled with salt water, often narrow and surrounded by steep coasts, which extends below sea level.

Norway is often called the “land of the fjords” because they are very numerous and spectacular. I explored the superb Naeroyfjord fjord which stretches for 17 km and is part of the UNESCO world heritage. During a cruise on its deep blue waters, you will discover magnificent natural landscapes with waterfalls, snow-capped peaks and typical colorful wooden houses.

 Reflection in water in a fjord in Norway
Among the most amazing natural landscapes in Europe: Village on the fjords of Norway
One of the most amazing natural landscape in Europe : cruising on the fjords of Norway

Numéro 8   The Rock of Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a small British overseas territory of 6.5 km² located on the south coast of Spain. The city includes the enormous Rock of Gibraltar, which rises to 426 meters high. I advise you to climb to the top of this rock which is the ideal point of view to observe how the Mediterranean sea, passing through the Strait of Gibraltar, becomes the Atlantic Ocean. The view is really splendid in good weather and access is easy thanks to its cable car. In addition, you can also observe many monkeys at the top of the rock. This natural site can also be visited from the inside, it is indeed possible to make speleological excursions inside the rock, which is an amazing activity to do.

Finally, Gibraltar is not only a very beautiful natural site with its rock, the city also has a rich history. Gibraltar was indeed Arab for at least 6 centuries and did not return temporarily under Spanish control until 1462, before the English domination which began in 1704. The city therefore also deserves a visit of its typical small streets or of its large commercial arteries for shopping at very advantageous prices. Here you will find excursions to Gibraltar from Malaga or Seville for example.

Among the most amazing natural landscapes in Europe: the rock of Gibraltar
Speleology in the Rock of Gibraltar
Amazing natural landscape in Europe: the monkeys of Gibralatar rock

Numéro 9   The waterfalls of Iceland

Iceland is for me the most beautiful country in the world for those who like to observe superb waterfalls. These wonders of nature are indeed numerous there, of surprising forms and spectacular sizes. To name just a few, in Iceland you can for example observe the most powerful waterfall in Europe: Dettifoss, an impressive waterfall 60 meters high and 25 meters wide: Skógafoss, a waterfall surrounded by black basalt: Svartifoss, or a circular waterfall like that of Goðafoss.

Svartifoss in Iceland - most amazing natural landscapes in Europe
Skogafoss waterfall in Iceland
Among the most amazinglandscapes in Europe: Godafoss

Numéro 10  The blue grotto in Malta

Located in the south east of the island of Malta, near the village of Wied iz-Zurrieq, the Blue grotto is a superb sea cave of 43 meters long and about 40 meters deep. It is easy to visit it thanks to the organized boat trips there. It will allow you to discover its massive 30 meters high arch and contemplate its azure water on sunny days.

Boat excursion to visit the Blue Grotto in Malta
Inside the blue grotto in Malta
Among the most amazing natural landscapes in Europe: the blue grotto of Malta

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Top 20 of the most amazing natural landscapes in Europe

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