Where to travel in February?

Where to travel in February?

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Best countries to visit in February

In February, the sun is still sorely lacking in the northern hemisphere. Cities like Paris, New York, London and Moscow have very cold temperatures at this time of the year. On the contrary, at the other side of the planet, the temperatures tend to make you want to scuba-dive, go to festivals, and admire sunset over the sea. February is indeed the month of carnivals and festivities as in Rio de Janeiro, in New Orleans or Venice. It’s also the month to enjoy a perfect Valentine’s Day in the milder temperatures of South America, Southeast Asia or on the Caribbean beaches. And if you haven’t found your soul mate yet, take your plane ticket anyway! You might find it in one of these exotic places! 😉

So where to travel in February? I will start first with a summary by continents, then more precisely by destinations according to my personal preferences and experiences, with some of my photos and useful advice.

Where to travel in Asia in February?

In Asia, February is a very good month  to the discover the continent. Many destinations are ideal to visit, such as Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Laos, the Philippines, or northern India for instance. The weather conditions are also suitable for hiking in the mountains. In Nepal for example, it is however always advisable to be well equipped against the cold, especially for hikes of a few days. Despite the sunny weather during the day, the nights are indeed very cold at high altitude.

Cow in the street of India

Normal situation in India…Will you cross this street?

Where to travel in Europe in February?

It’s winter in Europe. Winter sports resorts are among the best escape options in France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria and Spain. Despite the ambient cold, travelers can indeed enjoy a lot their stays in the mountains. Southern Europe has slightly more favorable climatic conditions because there is a little more sun. The southern regions of Italy, Spain and Greece are good places to relax in the beautiful Mediterranean landscapes, even if it is not yet very hot.

 Athenes acropolis in Greece in Europe

The majectic acropolis of Athenes in Greece

Where to travel in Africa in February?

In Africa, the month of February is ideal for hiking in the Sahara Desert and in the north of the continent, as well as exploring West Africa. The continent has not yet been hit by the heat wave at this time of the year. For example, Senegal, Cape Verde and Ivory Coast have a good climate that allows to fully enjoy the beauty of these destinations. Among the warmer countries, also consider the countries of southern and eastern Africa.

Cape Verde is a good country where to travel in february in Africa

Seaside of Cape Verde archipelago

Where to travel in America in February?

In North America, southern California, the southwestern United States and its desert regions are destinations to visit in February. Pleasant temperatures and sunny days also await you in Argentina, Peru, Nicaragua, Mexico and in the Caribbean. At this time of year, Brazil is also a great destination with Rio de Janeiro and its famous carnival in particular. In Hawaii, the climate is ideal for beach activities. Finally, in Cuba for example, visitors can also benefit from very mild temperatures and good sunshine.

Old car in La Havana street Cuba

Old cars riding in Havana street in Cuba

In Oceania, the south of Australia and New Zealand enter the dry season for the great pleasure of fans of lounging, swimming, surfing and other water sports.

Nevertheless, due to the rainy season, some islands of Polynesia and the Indian Ocean are to be avoided. Be also aware that the risks of cyclones are high in these tropical islands.

Map of the countries where to travel in February

Best destinations to go in February?

Good places to visit in February

This list of destinations is mainly made according to the weather. These places are indeed selected because they have very favorable climatic conditions in February. For each destination, you will find the average maximum and minimum temperatures, as well as the average number of rainy days in the month. Although it often goes hand in hand with favorable weather, this list of destinations does not take into account precisely all the local cultural events celebrated there during this month of February, nor even the tourist influx.

My favorite destinations in February

São Vicente in Cape Verde

São Vicente is an island in the Cape Verde archipelago. It is located off the coast of West Africa. It is a dream place to enjoy both beautiful beaches, a beautiful mountain (Monte Verde) and charming towns like the one of Mindelo. In this city, you will find beautiful colonial mansions which have been transformed over the time into shops. There are also many monuments that are worth visiting to learn more about the city, its culture and its past: the Palacio do Povo, the Torre de Belem, the Fortim do Rei, the tomb of Cesaria Evora and the Nossa Da Luz church for example.

During your trip to Cape Verde, a visit to the island of Sao Vicente and the city of Mindelo is a good thing to do because here you will find a wide choice of good restaurants (with seafood, freshly caught in the morning and prepared locally) and an authentic Cape Verdean atmosphere. In addition, in February, you can enjoy the lively Mindelo Carnival. Finally, if you come to São Vicente, do not miss spending at least 2 days on the neighboring island opposite: Santo Antão, you will not regret it!

Sao Vicente seaside in Cape Verde is where to travel in February

Sunset on Sao Vicente seaside

Avenida Marginal in Mindelo on Sao Vicente island

Avenida Marginal in Mindelo

Dogs sleeping on fishing net in Mindelo port

Dogs sleeping on fishing net in Mindelo port

New Delhi in India

India promises you great moments of discovery for your eyes as for your taste buds. New Delhi, the capital of India, offers many monuments to visit, such as the tomb of the Humayuns (listed as World Heritage by UNESCO), the imposing and emblematic gate of India, the Jama Masjid mosque, the magnificent temples of Bangla Sahib, of Akshardham or of the Lotus. For your adventure in New Delhi, a cycle rickshaw ride is also necessary to discover the daily life of the inhabitants. If you don’t have an overly sensitive stomach, be sure to try its excellent, spicy local cuisine.

It is often said of India: “Either you love it or you hate it”. For my part, I went 3 times there and I loved discovering this country! I was always surprised and amazed by so many things in India. For those who love photography, India is truly a paradise, with its bright colors everywhere and its superb historic monuments.

Humayun tomb in New Dehli in India

Humayun tomb

Red fort in New Dehli is where to travel in February

Red fort

India gate in New Dehli is where to travel in February

India gate

Saint-Martin in the Caribbean

For a superb destination in the Caribbean, a stay on the island of Saint Martin is a good choice. Saint Martin is one of the leeward islands of the Caribbean Sea. Discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493, Saint-Martin is very appreciated for its climate and its sumptuous sandy beaches. The northern part of Saint Martin Island is French. The southern part, called Sint Maarten, is Dutch.

There you will find many seaside resorts and nice restaurants with delicious exotic Caribbean cuisine. This island has many has many things to offer. The most popular of which are the beaches of course, but there are also casinos and bars. Since the Hurricane Irma in 2017, Saint Martin has been gradually rebuilding. Having been there in 2016 and 2019, I saw the sad change. However Saint Martin is gradually recovering from this difficult period. The Caribbean islands are clearly incredible places where to travel in February.

Cave on the beach in Saint Martin island

Inside one of the nice cave on the beach

Sunset on Saint Martin beach is where to go in February

Sunset on Saint Martin beach

Coconut tree at Mullet bay beach in Saint Martin island

Mullet bay beach

Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay

Colonia del Sacramento is the oldest city in Uruguay. It is located in the southwest of the country. Although known as a tourist hotspot in Uruguay, the city remains a pleasant and peaceful place. Both the city center and the shores of the Rio de La Plata are pleasant area to discover. In addition, old buildings, architectural masterpieces and cobbled alleys will surely satisfy the ones who love to walk in nice towns. You can also discover different cultural and gastronomic activities. If you are visiting Uruguay, I advise you not to miss the relaxing atmosphere of Colonia del Sacramento and its sunset on the banks of the river. From this city, know that you can easily get to Buenos Aires in Argentina by taking the ferry on the Plata River.

Old car in street of Colonia Del Sacramento

Street of Colonia Del Sacramento

Lighthouse of Colonia del sacramento

Lighthouse of Colonia del Sacramento

Calle de los soupiros colonia del sacramento Uruguay is where to go in February

“Calle de los soupiros”

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