Where to travel in May?

Where to travel in May?

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Best countries to visit in May

In May, the coats were put away in closets in the northern hemisphere. Gardens and green spaces are more and more popular and everyone finds a smile. Winter is far behind, making way for travel, getaway and weekends away from home. Public holidays in May in many countries are also an opportunity to explore new horizons. Many destinations benefit from a mild climate and warm temperatures in May. From Tuscany to Scotland, these regions are starting to reach their maximum sunshine. In Greece, Turkey or Croatia for example, all these beautiful destinations are just waiting to be explored in May.

So, where to travel in May? Let me give you my overall opinion by continent first, and then by destination, according to my experience, and supported by photos and some basic information.

Where to travel in America in May?

In America, climatic conditions are starting to be milder in the northern part of the United States and in Canada. The south benefits from good sunshine to take full advantage of its beautiful beaches. Before the approaching rainy season, tropical destinations like the french and british West Indies or the Bahamas are also to be visited. As the rainy season ends in Central America, the climate becomes conducive to discovery.

Brooklyn bridge in New York USA is a place where to travel in May

Brooklyn bridge in New York

Where to travel in Asia in May?

In Eastern Asia, the climatic conditions are less favorable for discovery at this time of the year except a few destinations like Japan, Indonesia or South Korea which offer mild and pleasant weather. Most parts of China are also destinations to visit at this time of the year.

If Jordan interests you, this is also the right time to discover one of the Seven Wonders of the World in Petra.

Seoul temple in South Korea where to travel in may in Asia

Seoul in South Korea

Where to travel in Europe in May?

In Europe, the sun which is now omnipresent invites you to discover its different countries. Winter has passed all over Europe, travelers can enjoy the dry spring climate and temperatures above 20°c in many countries. Croatia for example is a very privileged destination for its pretty beaches, its historic cities and its magnificent parks. Scotland, Montenegro or Portugal also attract holidaymakers and tourists before the big rush in July. Relaxation or sporty lovers can fully enjoy their stay in the south and center of Europe, whatever the destination.

Plitvice national park in Croatia where to travel in may in Europe

Plitvice national park in Croatia

Where to travel in Africa in May?

In Africa, the heat is still bearable in the shade. May is therefore an interesting time to visit North Africa before the arrival of summer. West Africa is also a preferred destination at this time of the year. A trip to the Indian Ocean will also bring good sunshine and low humidity. Madagascar, Seychelles and Reunion are exotic destinations to discover in May.

Lemurs in Madagascar where to travel in May in Africa

Lemurs in Madagascar

Generally speaking, South Eastern Asia is entering the bad season in May so it is rather to be avoided. It is also rather advisable to avoid Egypt which becomes scorching, India and Sri Lanka where the summer monsoon starts (very hot and very humid climate), or Zanzibar where it is the rainy season.

Map of the countries where to travel in May

Best destinations to go in May?

Good places to visit in May

This list of destinations is mainly made according to the weather. These places are indeed selected because they have very favorable climatic conditions in May. For each destination, you will find the average maximum and minimum temperatures, as well as the average number of rainy days in the month. Although it often goes hand in hand with favorable weather, this list of destinations does not take into account precisely all the local cultural events celebrated there during this month of May, nor even the tourist influx.

My favorite destinations In May

Chicago in USA

Located on the shores of Lake Michigan in the northern United States, Chicago is one of the largest cities in the United States. Chicago offers everything you would expect from a large, multicultural city: breathtaking architecture, world-renowned museums, a vibrant art scene, many trendy restaurants and bars. You will discover a hundred breathtaking skyscrapers that form the Chicago skyline, including the Willis Tower, 443 meters high, which was the tallest building in the world for 25 years.

From a cultural point of view, I recommend in particular the Field Museum which is one of the most beautiful natural history museums that I have visited. The Chicago Art Institute is also a place renowned for its impressionist and post-impressionist works.

Chicago also has a magnificent park that should not be missed: Millenium Park. You will be able to discover there in particular the famous reflective sculpture of Anish Kapoor: Cloud Gate. Finally, Chicago being located on the shores of Lake Michigan, one of the largest lakes in the world, the city gives the impression of having its own coastline. You can therefore take advantage of its sandy beaches and nice walk along the lake.

Sunrise on the Cloud gate in Chicago USA

The Cloud gate in Millenium Park

Michael Jordan statue at United center in Chicago

Michael Jordan statue at United Center 

Crown Fountain in Chicago USA is a place where to travel in May

Kids having fun at Crown Fountain

Kyoto in Japan

Japanese capital from the 8th to the 19th century, Kyoto remains today the historical and cultural heart of Japan. Indeed, the city is home to many Buddhist temples, such as the oldest and most famous: Kiyomiyu-dera or the magnificent temple of the golden pavilion Kinkaku-ji. Do not leave Kyoto without visiting Fushimi Inari-taisha, it is the main sanctuary of the goddess Inari. It is very famous for its thousands of red toriis which form a path on the hill where the temple is located. For a stroll outside the city, discover the Arashyama bamboo forest, with its bamboos several tens of meters high. Nearby, you can also visit the Iwatayama Monkey Park with its hundreds of macaques and its superb panorama of Kyoto.

To discover the mysterious culture of geishas, ​​samurai and matcha delicacies, stroll in the traditional district of Gion and in Hanami Koji street in particular. Finally for lovers of Japanese pop culture, the International Manga Museum in Kyoto is a must. It’s quite possibly the best manga museum in the world, with over 300,000 manga comics.

Monk walking at Fushimi Inari-taisha sanctuary in Kyoto in Japan

Fushimi Inari-taisha sanctuary

Golden pavilion Kinkaku-ji in Kyoto Japan

Kinkaku-ji golden pavilion

Venice in Italy

Venice, the capital of Veneto region, is located in northern Italy. This city without roads but with many canals extends over more than a hundred small islands in a lagoon of the Adriatic Sea. Although (too) touristy, Venice remains a “must” in many people travel list, because it is full of remarkable historic sites, magnificent squares and superb buildings.

Start with Saint Mark’s Square with its basilica covered with Byzantine mosaics and its emblematic bell tower. Not far from there, you will discover the superb Doge’s Palace of Gothic style. Then simply get lost in the city and take its canals by gondola or vaporetto (famous water bus and main means of transport). Cross its many bridges including the Bridge of Sighs or the famous Rialto Bridge over the Grand Canal of Venice. Also visit the palaces, museums and churches decorated with significant paintings by the most important Renaissance artists, such as Tintoretto or Lorenzo Lotto to name a few. Finally, if you have the opportunity to visit Venice in February (date to check each year), you can participate in the famous carnival which takes place over ten days.

Venice grand canal in Italy is a place where to travel in May

Sunrise on Venice Grand Canal

Gondolas in front of San Giorgio Maggiore church in Venice

Gondolas in front of San Giorgio Maggiore church


Saint Mark’s Square early in the morning

Santo Antao island in Cape Verde

Santa Antao is the greenest and most mountainous island in Cape Verde. This volcanic island is located in the north of the archipelago opposite Sao Vicente island. It is very easily accessible from Sao Vicente by ferry. I did the round trip several times between these 2 islands in the same day and I highly recommend it. By renting a car in Santo Antao, it is possible to go around the island in one day. Nevertheless, it is better to stay a few days to better enjoy this island.

Start with the city of Porto Novo located in the southeast of the island. This city is where you will arrive by boat and where you will find the more solutions for accommodation and food. Then, by car, climb to the center of the island to reach the green mountains where you can do great hikes. Reach the top of Pico Da Cruz for example to enjoy its superb view. You can also take a look at the impressive Cova crater. Going down to the north coast of the island, stroll through Ribeira Grande and Ponta do Sol. Finally, take the beautiful coast road on the east of the island to return to Porto Novo.

Colorful street in Porto Novo on Santa Antao island in Cape Verde

Colorful streets in Porto Novo

Cova crater on Santa Antao island in Cape Verde

Mist falling into Cova crater

Seaside and colorful village on Santa Antao island in Cape Verde

One of the seaside village of the island

Nice in France

Nice is a coastal town of the French Riviera located on the Angels’s bay. This city with different facets, at the same time posh, popular, festive and dynamic, offers many attractions. You can of course enjoy its long beaches and its famous “promenade des Anglais” with its cafes and luxurious hotels. You can also stroll through the medieval streets of old Nice and discover its Baroque churches and its colorful Cours Saleya market for example. Do not forget to climb up the hill of the castle, from up there, you will enjoy a superb panorama of Nice bay.

On the cultural side, you will have plenty to do with, among others, the Henri Matisse museum dedicated to his career and the Marc Chagall museum which presents his greatest religious works. You can also visit the city’s museum of modern and contemporary art (or MAMAC), which offers many avant-garde works by French and international artists.
Finally let yourself be tempted by the gastronomy of Nice based on olives and seafood. You can also try its chickpea pancakes called soccas which can be bought directly in the street.

Pebble beach in Nice in France is where to travel in May

Pebble beach

Old town of Nice in France

Old town of Nice

Nice bay view from the hill of the castle in France

Nice bay view from the hill of the castle

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