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Cuba travel guide

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This Cuba travel guide will tell you in a concise way everything you need to know about the most interesting places to visit. I have selected for you the main attractions not to be missed in Cuba. In addition, you will also find a map with these best places to see, data to choose the best time to go there and essential information like the local cost of living, accommodation, transport, safety, food… with lots of tips and advice to save time and money during your trip.

The island of Cuba in the Caribbean has many attractions for travelers with its pretty colonial towns, its stunning white sand beaches, its rich and atypical history, its festive atmosphere, and its other magnificent natural landscapes. I am sure you will have a great time in Cuba, especially if you take advantage of what I offer on Where2travel!

Video of Cuba

7 minutes to discover the most beautiful places of Cuba

First, let’s start with this short video for a nice introduction about Cuba. It will give you a good overview of the places not to be missed and I hope, convince you to visit soon Cuba. The numbers you will see in the video below will be useful for you to find more information on the different parts of this Cuba travel guide.

You will thus discover in a few minutes what are the natural wonders and the best sites of this splendid Caribbean island. For each of the 10 sites presented in this video, you will find all the information you need to visit these places on the page What to do in Cuba.

Find more videos on my YouTube channel

Find more videos on my YouTube channel

In this video you will discover the old town of Havana and the historic centers of Trinidad and Camaguey, with their well-preserved colonial buildings, which are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You will also see other cities that are worth exploring such as Santiago de Cuba, which is Cuba’s second largest city, or Cienfuegos, also called the “Pearl of the South”.

For beach lovers, Cuba offers some of the most spectacular in the world. To the west is the stunning beach of Maria La Gorda, with its well-equipped diving center. East of Havana, Varadero is the largest seaside resort with its 20 km long stretch of sandy beach and numerous large hotels. Further east, Cayo Guillermo is also a sublime and well-preserved beach destination. For example, Playa Pilar is one of the best beaches in all of Cuba. A few kilometers from Trinidad, Playa Ancon is another corner of paradise where you can enjoy the sun, fine sand and crystal clear water.

From a historical perspective, all over the island you will discover testimonies of Cuba’s tumultuous past. You will be able to see numerous murals in the glory of Che or the revolution, and buildings sometimes still riddled with bullet holes. A trip to Cuba is often much more than a simple change of geographical location, it is also almost a change of times, because sometimes you have the feeling of having stepped back in time.

Finally, Cuba also has magnificent natural landscapes, such as the Vinales valley, with its tobacco plantations. Other Cuban natural wonders include the splendid El Nicho waterfall, or the canyon of the Yumuri River.

You will find all these wonderful places on my map of Cuba. The interactive version of the map is on the page Where to go in Cuba.

Map of Cuba with 10 amazing places to see - Cuba travel guide

10 amazing places not to miss in Cuba

Essential information about Cuba

This Cuba travel guide is divided in 4 sections:

What to do in Cuba?

10 best places to see with advice, evaluation,  photos and descriptions.

Where to go in Cuba?

An interactive map to find out where the most interesting spots are.

When to visit Cuba?

Information on the weather,  tourist influx and local events.

How to get around Cuba?

Local life costs, safety, transportation, food and accommodation.

A few pictures from Cuba

An overview of Cuba top sites

Do these photos make you want to visit Cuba? ūüėć I imagine you’d feel pretty good on one of those heavenly beaches, or in the back of an old American cars discovering one of these beautiful Cuban colonial towns. If this is the case, find all the information regarding these photos on the page What to do in Cuba. Plus, you will be able to see where exactly all these great places are on my map of Cuba. In this travel guide, you will also be able to evaluate¬†when is the best time to visit Cuba, as well as find out all you need to know about transport, accommodation, cost of living, safety and food¬†in the section How to get around Cuba. All of this should help you well to plan your trip to Cuba quickly, easily and economically!

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Cuba travel guide by Where2travel

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