Where to go in Cuba?

Where to go in Cuba?

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Map of Cuba

The most beautiful spots to visit in one map

Let me show you exactly where to find the most interesting places with my map of Cuba. Each number on the map below matches the numbers you saw in my video of Cuba and the photos and descriptions shown on the page What to do in Cuba.

Having toured Cuba from the far west of the island (Maria La Gorda) to the far east (Baracoa) with a rental car, I will tell you the spots not to be missed in the different regions from the island:


In my Cuba travel guide in ebook or paper you will also find suggested itineraries if you want to spend a few days, one or more weeks in Cuba. Plus, you’ll also get a free map to download on your mobile showing all of these top attractions to see. Therefore, you will be able to use it as a GPS in offline or online mode to easily navigate to the 20  beautiful places presented in the ebook.

West of Cuba

Main places to visit in the west of Cuba

Let’s start with Havana first because you will probably arrive in Cuba by this city by plane. In my opinion, the minimum time to spend in the Cuban capital is 2 full days in order to enjoy what it has to offer: its pretty historic center “Habana Vieja” with its many colonial buildings, its seaside “Malecón”, and its festive atmosphere.

West of Havana, the Vinales valley is an essential stopover where you can also easily spend 2 days discovering this beautiful region with several points of interest such as its atypical limestone mountains called mogotes. There, you will also learn more about tobacco growing and how to make cigars, among other things.

Finally, in the extreme west of the island, relax on the beautiful beaches of Maria la Gorda, which has excellent diving spots with good infrastructure to supervise safely your sea adventures.

Maria La Gorda beach

Maria La Gorda beach

The historic center of Havana

Havana historical center

The Viñales Valley is a place where to go in Cuba

Mogotes in Viñales valley

Center of the island

Nice spots to see in the center of Cuba

In the central part of the island, I advise you to see Varadero which is located on a peninsula not far from Havana, and which has a very long and beautiful sandy beach with many hotels and restaurants.

Further south, discover Cienfuegos and Trinidad which are two charming colonial towns whose historic centers are classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Sites. There, you can learn more about the history of the country, admire their beautiful colonial architecture and enjoy lovely beaches nearby.

Not far from Trinidad, also spend a day in the large Topes de Collantes natural park to stroll and contemplate the superb El Nicho waterfall located inside a lush tropical forest.

Where to go in Cuba - The historic center of Trinidad

Trinidad historical center

Varadero is a nice resort town

Varadero beach

El Nicho waterfall in central Cuba

El Nicho waterfall

East of Cuba

Other good places to discover in the East of Cuba

Continuing towards the east of the island, take a break on the sublime beaches of Cayo Guillermo, these are some of the most beautiful that I have seen. Further east, I also recommend a stop in Camaguey, whose old town is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In the south-east of the island, do not miss Santiago de Cuba, the second largest city in the country and which is of great historical importance. Indeed, in addition to its pretty colorful streets and its festive atmosphere, you can visit superb buildings, some of which also keep deeply the traces of the country’s history.

Finally, I advise you to go to the most distant town in the east of the island, Baracoa, where you can taste authentic hot chocolates produced locally, visit its pretty town, enjoy the beaches or excursions in the surrounding wild nature.

Camaguey is a cool place where to go in Cuba

Ignacio Agramonte Park in Camagüey

Where to go in Cuba - The stunning beaches of Cayo Guillermo

The superb beaches of Cayo Guillermo

Basilica of the Virgin of Charity in Santiago de Cuba

Basilica in Santiago de Cuba

As a result, the information on the page What to do in Cuba along with this map of Cuba should allow you to easily organize your trip according to your personal interests (natural landscapes, beautiful cities, museums, beaches …). Finally, if you’ve already made the decision to visit Cuba soon, don’t leave without my Cuba travel guide in ebook or paper (check now the free trial version 🤩). You will also get in addition a free map of Cuba to download to your phone with 20 beautiful places not to be missed.

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Where to go in Cuba - Map with the best spots

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